My name is Pawel Jankowzki and I am tattooing since 2008.
At this moment, I work at custom tattoo shop called “KYNST” that is located on Nieuwstraat 13 in Deventer.

We are open:
Wednesday    12:00-18:00
Thursday         12:00-21:00
Friday               12:00-18:00
Saturday          12:00-17:00

I feel comfortable tattooing neo-traditional and oriental tattoos. I enjoy shading blending colors with proper line work.  All tattoos are mostly designed by me and I want to avoid reproducing existing images but I might get inspired by it to make a unique design for you.

Visit my gallery on my blog to get a better idea of my work and what you can expect from me.
For inquiries / appointments you can reach me by the following email address:


I don’t tattoo under 18 and only upon presentation of a valid identification. In doubt of a valid ID, I can reserve the right to refuse a customer.

For booking appointments or discussing ideas I can be reached at the shop between Wednesday till Saturday. The preferred time for consultations is between 12:00 till 12:30
After 12:30 I begin my tattooing appointment and I won’t interrupt my current customer session. This assures the quality of my work and comfortable conditions for my client.

Before getting tattooed I always try to make a drawing appointment first.  I recommend my customers to bring some pictures for reference that can represent their idea. To book/reserve an appointment I ask for €100 refundable deposit which is included in the total cost of your tattoo except bigger projects like half sleeves/full sleeves/ backpieces etc. For multiple sessions projects your deposit will be deducted at the last session.

Preparing designs for big projects is time consuming, figuring out how it will fit, not mentioning puzzling out the possibilities to do a good cover up…what most people don’t realize. That is why for every cover up and/or design of an A4 format size and bigger I ask for a non-refundable € 100. This non-refundable amount is for the time that is spend on a hand-made sketch drawing, research and preparation to make a stencil for the one of a kind design that suites your idea. 

Please have in mind that you lose your deposit if you do not show up on the tattoo appointment without calling or mailing me at least two days ahead.

For small tattoos I can make an estimate of the price. For bigger tattoos I charge by my rate of €130 per hour.

When the drawing appointment is made, I will personally show it to you and discuss it in the shop.  Also, the preferred times to check your design are between 12:00 - 12:30 from Wednesday till Saturday. Due to misuse, I am not sending designs by email. Most of the times I ‘ll have your design sketched on a tracing paper and I need to try it on to see if any corrections are needed. Furthermore, I do not allow any photos to be made of it.  It is for preventing my idea and your future tattoo to be copied before you get it. A tattoo appointment is set after customer already saw the design and has agreed on it.

I recommend a good night sleep day before getting your tattoo and please do not drink any alcohol or take any drugs before an appointment.  If you need a drink then drink some apple juice the night before. Have a nutritious breakfast in the morning on the day you get tattooed.
Also make sure that you already have two products for taking a good care of your tattoo while healing.  First is the Bepanthen and the second is a non perfume ph neutral antibacterial soap (Unicura Balance). Both you can get at the Pharmacy or a drug store. You will get information about aftercare on a tattoo appointment.
If you still have questions don’t hesitate to mail me:

Summary info:

-          for inquiries / appointments email:
-          consultations at the shop - 12:00h till 12:30h Wednesday till Saturday
-          to book/reserve an appointment €100 inclusive deposit
-          every cover up and design of an A4 format size and bigger a non-refundable     
           deposit of €100
-          estimation of price for a small tattoo; for bigger €130/h
-          cancel appointment 2 days before due date

Thank you for reading and your support

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