Saturday, November 3, 2012

Catching up...

It has been a month ago since my last post. Time flies very quick lately. So to catch up a bit, here are the latest projects that I have finished.

I start with today's "We know who we are..."project that took me 3 sessions and I need to say that this Girl is a trooper. Today I worked on the lines, text, put the purple and some blood. 

Then I had a pleasure to tattoo fellow tattooer: Kai who works at "Gestochen Scharf". He and his girlfriend came over to get some fancy lettering. 

And speaking of lettering... I tattooed kid's names of a Musician that plays trumpet and trombone. Some parts are healed and some are fresh.

A Vamp lady that I tattooed while ago. This one is mostly healed, with some small touch up's.

And some healed tattoos.

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